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Engineering Sciences which is created by the power of human desire  for living in a more convenient and comfortable life, is a set of disciplines. In this context, Mechanical Engineering plays one of the most important roles with designing a simple construction machinery and transportation vehicles in the former periods of history up to today’s high-tech aerospace and space vehicles. Being developed in recent years products such as aeronautical, land and naval vehicles, medical products, alternative energy systems, manufacturing techniques, multi-functional smart materials and machinery  emerge from a study of sub-branches of Mechanical Engineering such as mechanics, material science, machine dynamics, design and manufacturing technologies, automotive, fluid mechanics, and energy issues.

As today’s vehicles expected features increasing, Department of Mechanical Engineering is able to find areas of collaboration with Engineering of Mechatronics, Industrial, Electrical and Electronics, Computer Science, Aeronautics and Astronautics. These cases strengthen the opportunity of making a minor and double major study and  forms the working in a team environment for Mechanical Engineering student.

In accordance with the vision of the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, Department of Mechanical Engineering students will be provided basic engineering discipline with particularly aeronautic and aerospace products design, analysis and manufacturing capability.

Educating with 100% of English training and following a common curriculum in the department mainly with the EU and the USA universities, increase the ability of our students to study abroad universites with the framework of exchange programs during their education life and students from all over the world as well.

Mechanical Engineers of University of Turkish Aeronautical Association will graduate with both a theoretical knowledge and practical training and be able to find employment opportunities in Aeronautical and Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Energy, Medical, Manufacturing, Marine and Construction sectors as a Project Engineer, Design Engineer, Production-Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Engineer, Business Development Engineer, Product Engineer, Method Engineer, Purchasing Engineer, Sale Specialist, R&D Engineer, Business Analyst, Welding Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Assembly Engineer, Energy Engineer, Planning Engineer, Technical Affairs Engineer, Cost Analysis Specialist, Supplier Development Engineer, Material Engineer, Value Analysis Engineer, Benchmarking Engineer. Besides they can pursue their career in public organizations as an Engineer or Assistant Expert and also they can pursue their academic career as a Research Assistant in universities.