Think of an engineering that transforms customer demands into engineering problem models and designs, analyzes, supplies all materials in its design with advanced material knowledge, produces these materials with appropriate manufacturing methods, controls what it produces with high precision measuring instruments and devices developed by itself, and ensures that the verified product is met to the new markets.

Mechanical Engineer, who plays a leading role in all of these processes, solves problems in most of the fields of application with engineering principles such as mathematics, physics, thermodynamics and materials science. Those who are interested in chemistry can develop themselves and technology in advanced research areas needed for the future such as combustion, fuel cell, batteries and alternative fuels. On the basis of physics, they will be able to find themselves when evaluating the stresses that may occur on the landing gear in terms of strength during the first contact of a 560-ton airplane with the runway, or while obtaining higher strength but lighter vehicle systems with nano-scale materials and composite materials developed with advanced production techniques. You can be one of the Mechanical Engineers who will take an active role in the design of all air, land and sea vehicles as well as the energy, material and control required for a space shuttle's 690000 km/h journey.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, our first students were admitted to the Turkish Aeronautical Association University Mechanical Engineering Department with 100% English language of instruction, and we started graduating in 2016. With our curriculum, which we have updated with our internal and external stakeholders, we provide the necessary programming, theory and project skills in the Aerospace and Defense Industry apart from sectors such as Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing, Machinery, Medical, Air Conditioning in our Mechanical Engineering Department.

By using the infrastructure of THK and its subsidiaries, which have been operating in the field of aviation, including aircraft production since 1925, we improve the application direction of our students, while we also empower our students who are interested in the aviation sector with technical elective courses. Within the framework of bilateral agreements with Defense Industry companies, we enable our 3rd and 4th grade students to gain work experience directly as a candidate engineer on certain days of the week, thus creating an important milestone in the career planning of our students. With Double Major and Minor Programs, we increase the interaction of our department with different disciplines. 40 working days internship is compulsory in our department. We enable them to gain teaching experience at European universities through student exchange programs. We enable them to gain scientific research and application skills by including them in international conference studies by having the final year graduation projects done in interdisciplinary interaction with university-industry cooperation and TÜBİTAK project support, and we encourage them to use the foreign language they have learned actively. We continue to produce information in international refereed journals with our dynamic academic staff who stand out with their scientific activities and industry experiences.

Mechanical Engineers could find positions in public and private affiliates with the titles such as R&D Engineer, Production Engineer, Process Engineer, Quality Engineer, Purchasing Engineer, Sales Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Specialist/Assistant Specialist, Designer, Technical Personnel, Business Analyst, Project Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and academically in universities with the title of Research Assistant. In this context, our graduates work in various sectors and universities, especially in defense industry companies, and some of them continue their postgraduate education in domestic/abroad programs.

We invite you to be a THKU Mechanical Engineering stakeholder who thinks, works, produces, is self-confident, respectful to the environment and people.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Erol GÜLTEKİN

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department