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Material Science and Nanotechnology

Material Technology is an area that covers ceramic, metal, polymer and composites with nano materials and biomaterials. Material micro-structure-property-performance relation and factors that effects material behaviours on the state of usage are especially emphasized. Due to restriction of design by generally material properties, materials are important for all engineering disciplines. Innovations in materials bring new design criteria and provides emerging of new products.

Heat and Energy

Mainly research subject of Heat end Energy is; hydrolic, vapour and gas power systems, alternative and renewable energy sources and systems, internal combustion engines.

Construction and Manufacturing

This branch deals with machines operating mechanical, hydrolic and pneumatic systems in construction and manufacturing field and teaches the classical and computer aided constructions of these machine parts. Furthermore, beginning from design of these parts, it generally works on stages in which metallic materials get their functional shapes, applies ordinary and extraordinary manufacturing processes, makes these methods fit for engineering and develops them. Also, contributes to manufacturing by enabling students to become successful technical staff to develop products for both quality standards and international norms.

Machine Theory and Dynamics

Machine Theory and Dynamics Branch is based on the design of machines, tools and devices in accordance with rational and scientific theories, by developing physical and  mathematical models required for theoric analysis and synthesis of methods.


Mechanics branch includes the basic subjects of engineering. Static and dynamic responses of materials under load are examined in this field.