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In terms of history, Mechanical Engineering is one of the longest-established departments of engineering. Today, many technological devices are produced with the help of the studies conducted by sub-branches of mechanical engineering such as mechanics, materials, robotics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing, and energy. Many air and land transport vehicles that are produced today are economical in terms of energy, safe against accidents risks, and durable to surrounding conditions and this fact is sourced from modern materials which are manufactured especially in mechanical engineering departments. Similarly, among the subjects of mechanical engineering are developing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) benches and robots to be used in industry, designing wind tribunes and solar panels in order to meet energy needs via alternative sources. Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Turkish Aeronautical Association aims to train well-educated engineers to complete the Aviation infrastructure of Turkey and intends to provide its students with the skills to apply maths, science and engineering knowledge to mechanical engineering as well as prepare them for a successful engineering career.


Fields of Employment

The graduates of mechanical engineering department can work in the following areas; aviation industry which includes producing materials related to air planes and choppers, modeling, simulation, design, robotics, automatic control, prototypes development and production, automotive industry which includes designing mechanical bodies, engines and control systems, Medical industry which includes designing of systems used in medicine, their testing and application, and calibration, Public Sector which includes land and satellite systems (like TURKSAT), high energy systems (such as dams and power stations), military devices (like TAI and ASELSAN), small, medium or large scale companies which includes prototyping and manufacturing mechanical systems, checking the quality, assessment and evaluation, their own companies which includes drawing mechanics or components of mechanics, designing, testing, calibration, assessment or evaluation or they can work with aircraft engineering to design airplanes or chopper, they can work with electrics and electronics engineers to design control, automatization, robotics and devices in this area and they can work with computer engineers and electrics and electronics engineers to design mechatronic systems and provide  their application.